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Did Theraflu Lawsuit Threats Force Kanye West To Change The Name Of His Track?

4:46 AM Gossipwelove 4 Comments

Swirling rumors are claiming that pop star Kanye West who dropped his new single “Theraflu” last week, showing his infatuation with Kim Kardashian, told PETA to go kick rocks, and gave props to Wiz Khalifa among other topics, was asked to change the title of his new song immediately. 

The suits at the cold medicine company Theraflu did not like the association with Kanye West and threatened to sue him last week. More details below.......

Also those threats did not fall on deaf ears. Yesterday morning, Kanye West announced that he has changed the name of his Hit-Boy produced track “Theraflu” to the now a new and improved title, “Way Too Cold”. Check out Kanye’s tweet below:

“I changed the name of the song THERAFLU to WAY TOO COLD and you can buy it now at”

The name change comes complete with new artwork, which now shows the naked, headless torso of a woman topped with a bottle of cold milk. Ye’s message did not mention that impending lawsuit, but one can only guess that Kanye took the logical route and decided to avoid the problem all together by changing the name.


  1. I wish he would have changed the song instead... It's pretty meh...

  2. Smart move Ye. No need for a lawsuit

  3. HA! Milk makes a body good! Even headless, all you wanna see is them tits! Great analogy!

  4. ha. interesting art.

    David Sentongo LMAO