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Cynthia Bailey: “I WOULD NEVER Be Disrespectful To A Castmates Children!

In what is probably one of her last blog posts of the season, Cynthia Bailey provides further explanation about some of her earlier actions, and addresses the treatment of the children of the House-wives. More details below………..

While some of the other housewives have been vocal in their support (or lack of support) for Kandi Burruss sex toy line, Cynthia has remained relatively quiet. In her blog she explains, “I have a twelve-year-old daughter, and I do not feel comfortable discussing intimate details about my sex life publicly. Congrats to Kandi on the success of her sex toy line. I admire all smart business women!”

Cynthia may have been mum on Kandi’s latest endeavor, but she certainly has a point of view on speaking about a castmate’s children — a topic that came up during the first part of the reunion and caused a great deal of tension.

“We signed up to expose our lives on reality TV, not our children. I would never be disrespectful or negative when it comes to my castmates’ children,” Cynthia writes.

As for her own daughter, Cynthia warns her cast members to stay away. “I would definitely take offense if I did not get the same respect. You come for my kid, all bets are off! Trust me, this is the one thing that we can all agree on. The kids are off limits,” she continues.

We’re with Cynthia on this one. In this case the kid should stay out of the picture. And I feel that’s why Sheree Whitfield lost her job.
BONUS: Marlo Hampton also added that the smalls align themselves to attack Nene, and that’s why she was real upset and decided not to work with Sheree anymore.

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