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“Basketball Wives” Star Jennifer Williams Suing Evelyn Lozada’s Assistant Nia Crooks For Slapping Her!

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“Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams has filed a lawsuit against Evelyn Lozada’s assistant Nia Crooks who slapped her on the April 16 episode of the VH1 show. The ex-BFF of Evelyn Lozada, has also filed a complaint with the state attorney’s office in Florida, said lawyer Sanford Rubenstein. More details below..............

“Violence used against any person is wrong but when a woman hits another woman it sets a horrible example for young girls everywhere,” Williams told the Daily News.

“I choose to use the justice system to fight back,” she said in an exclusive interview.

Jenn claims she is still suffering from a whiplash-like neck injury and post traumatic stress stemming from the slap, which was seen in the episode that aired Monday.

“I was sitting at the conference room table and this girl starts arguing with me out of nowhere,” Williams recalled. “She’s not even on the show.”

Crooks makes a remark about slapping reality into Williams and then proceeds to smacking Jen in the face.

Not being shady, but I feel Nia is hanging around Ev too much, looking to be relevant. *Cameras Rolling* so she probably got too excited on being on TV. B*tch sit your a$ down.


  1. I'm glad jen is handling it like a lady. But me I wudve whooped her mutherfuckin ass. And evelyn phoney ass that hoe step to ppl she knows not gonna do shit back. She need to step to a real bitch so they can show her "she not bout that life".

  2. Jen is weak.She told the girl she wish she would and the girl made her wish come true.This woman stay writing her blogs trashing people but its okay?Then I do recall she use to throw drinks on people so really Jen just needs to run along now her scary self

  3. Jealousy,,,, Evelyn is miserable because Chad is Chad so, she ampied her assistant up to do her dirty work.... she is so upset with jen because Jen knows the truth about her.. Evelyn is nothing more than a Hoe, just like Kenya said.... and evelyn Im in Liberty City all day and i dont call the cops bitch!

  4. @Anonymous Preach it girl, I agree with you 100%.