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President Obama: "If I Had A Son He'd Look Like Trayvon" [Video]

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President Obama has spoken to the nation about the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin saying, "If I Had A Son He'd Look Like Trayvon." Get the President's full statement below.......

After he announced Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim as the new head of the World Bank, President Obama addressed the nation regarding the Trayvon Martin saying,

"I can only imagine what these parents are going through. When I think about this boy I think about my own kids.

"I am glad that not only is the Justice Department is looking into this, but the Governor of the State of Florida has put together a task force [to investigate the case].

My main message is to the parents: If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon. I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves."

He also said,

“All of us have to do some soul searching to figure out how does something like this happen…”

See video below: 

BET News has produced a documentary that examines the Trayvon Martin case called "SHOOT FIRST: THE TRAGEDY OF TRAYVON MARTIN. It airs on Monday, March 26 at 7:30 PM.


  1. this case saddens my heart

  2. Love to see my people united!

  3. My heart aches for this family. Such a tragedy. :-(

  4. Its great to see so many people from all walks of life speaking out on the matter. Its really sad and the worst thing is that its becoming a common occurrence in life, for a young man, especially those not of caucasian descent, to be viewed as trouble. My prayers are with the family. On another note nice pic from the miami Heat

  5. @Olivia yesssssss........... 2 errthang u wrote

  6. WHen I heard that baby crying and screaming for his life, it made my nerves bad and my stomach hurt! My knees got weak and i became angry. Zimmerman will rot 4 what he has done. He called that child a COON and killed him after he begged for his life. He deserves no mercy.

  7. Oh my God! Is that what he was calling the poor boy? I am beyond livid about this whole story. No parent should ever be made to go through such. Poor Treyvon, he died so terrified! Hunted like a game...oh how my heart bleeds. Thank you President Obama for they what THEY did not want to hear.

  8. @ Olivia ~~ My sentements Exactly!! Thanks hun ~ couldn't of said it any better!!!!

  9. What kills me thee most!! Is that some are saying "He can't be Rascist! He's Not White". WTF!! RASCISM IS MEER STUPIDIY & IT DOSENT DISCRIMINATE!!! DUMB ASSES!! Signed FED UP BLACK WOMEN!!!

  10. Obama is a president that will never be forgotten and will be elected again as President!