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Lala Anthony Addresses Confronting Melo’s Assistant and Open Marriage Rumors! [Video]

On the season premiere of “Lala’s Full Court Life,” there was an issue with Carmelo’s female assistant and questions of whether she might be sleeping with Melo whenever he’s on the road away from Lala. At the end of the episode, Lala confronted the assistant but the way the whole thing went down left viewers wondering, what was that about? More details below…………

Lala recently stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about the situation and host Angela Yee told Lala she was disappointed in her taking advice from her co-host Charlamagne. She also asked whether she already assumed Carmelo was creeping and if people around her buzzing in her ear is what made her finally snap.

“I didn’t have any doubts with her but when you consistently hear something over and over you wonder why is everybody saying this, am I under a rock or something?” Lala said.
“When everybody was bringing it up, it just brought more attention to it, but I’m not an insecure person.”

Charlamagne got all in her business again and brought up Lala mentioning she doesn’t even have time to have sex with her husband and said in many men’s eyes, that gives them a “hall pass” to cheat. That made Lala address the rumors of her and Melo having an open relationship.

“Not in my marriage. It ain’t no hall pass. There’s no open relationship. There’s none of that going on in my marriage.”

But is Carmelo’s assistant a threat to their relationship? According to Lala, she’s not now and she never was.

“That girl doesn’t even believe in sex before marriage,” Lala said, shrugging off any suggestions Asani keeps Melo company on the road. “I didn’t have any doubts with her.”

So as suspected, the whole opening episode was fabricated relationship drama. Good to know.

Check out the rest of Lala’s interview here. Do you believe secure radio show Lala or insecure reality TV Lala?

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