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“SNL” Stars Maya Rudolph & Jay Pharoah Acts As”Jay & Beyonce”+ Nicki Minaj Wanna-be SHUT IT DOWN! [Video]

Two of our favorite couples in the whole entire world are the Barack Michelle Obama and Jay-Z & Beyoncé. Where last night both pairs graced the Saturday Night Live stage with a little help from Maya Rudolph.
In one sketch, the Carters and Blue Ivy are visited by a plethora of musical guests including PrinceLL Cool J,Nicki MinajTaylor Swift, and Justin Timberlake as Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon. There’s also a bit where Brangelina try to steal baby Blue. Oh, and it takes place in Scarsdale, NY.

And trust me this is one you don’t want to miss out on! Check it out below:

Rudolph and Fred Armisen then went from Beyoncé and Prince to Michelle and Barack in a Cosby Showsendup. It’s almost great, but we’d gladly swap out Joe Jamal-Biden for Sasha and Malia:

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  • Anonymous

    I love the Beyonce Jayz and Nicki part on the floor rolling lol.

  • Damon

    Even though I like Nicki Minaj, I though the parody of her was hilarious. I was dying! Maya Rudolph made a perfect impersonation of Beyonce too. Lately, SNL has had a questionable host selection, but I loved seeing Maya Rudolph. My friends and I were talking about it earlier while we were on lunch at DISH where we work. We saw SNL on DISH Online since it was free to watch for anyone. We all agree that this was one of the best episodes that we’ve seen lately, and it most of us were happy to see Maya Rudolph back on the show. I know that Lindsay Lohan is supposed to host this weeks SNL, and I hope that she keeps the laughs coming.

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