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Tameka Raymond Talks About Usher's Gay Rumors [AUDIO]

December 24, 2011GWL Staff

Usher‘s ex-wife Tameka Raymond appeared on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” to explain the comments she Tweeted about men on the down low, and the gay rumors about Usher. But she might have done more damage by referring to gay men as “decepticons.” Come inside to hear the audio........................

To hear what Tameka had to say about Usher being gay below:

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  1. Men might as well be homo. "Today's" women aren't about shyt. Besides, all I see are females licking dancing and screwing each other. What she needs to talk about is how "women" can become "female" again and therefore men might find an interest in them again.

  2. @Crixxy HAHA you are soooo right ...black women are too preoccupied with the whole down low thing.....and thats because most of them are on the down low or straight gay..i see girl practically kissing..walking down the street holding hands, sitting on each other lap...looking straigh suspect whenever they around other females!! a lot of black women are gay so they think he men are gay!

  3. Damn shame i'm a female and i really don't think that a truly gay guy would even talk to women . a true gay man would not! and these days gays can get married so there's no need for this down low business.

    1. Well they're still gonna be down low. Why? Because of society. Society excepts women more than men, that's why they hide it. They don't judge gay women as much as gay men. So its harder for them to come out of the closet. The two above comments must be from ignorant down low men. And to the comment above me, you must have never seen cover. Fuck that "truly gay" shit. If you sleep with a man, you gay period. Idc if you're sleeping with women too


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