Chris Brown,

Chris Brown & Kelly Rowland Officially Dating?!

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According to swirling rumors, F.A.M.E. tourmates are saying that Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland are dating! 

Sweet Kelly initially ignored Chris’ invites to dinner, but she eventually became receptive to his advances. According to In Touch snitches, they’re not in love, but they are reportedly seeing each other. But knowing MTO, this might not be 100% true.

Do you think Breezy and Kelly make a good couple? Find out more about what’s going on between them right here.

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  1. thats nasty ! but then again WHY KELLY? i mean... C'MON, she is a Rihanna Wanna-BE.. the hair, the see-through tops,the sex appeal in videos.. the list goes on................ outta all the bitches ! lmfaooo, but im 100% against this lmaooo DWL, plus this is not true tho, Chris Brown is seeing Karacoochie ... sooo FAKE ASS MTO !

  2. Love is blind, but hopefully not deaf. There still is a chance that Kelly and Chris may listen to reason (and to their fans). The dating lives of the stars are just too entertaining.

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  3. @Alissa you are so right lol

  4. you all are a bunch of unfamous wanna be kelly rowland to date chris brown bitches get a life he is never going to read this cause he dont give a fuck what yall say bout him beatin rihanna in 2009 its 2012 get over it

  5. How could they be dating damn they were just taking a pick together and he gave her that lap dance just for the hype of the show